Sound-Craft Systems

logo-2Sound-Craft Systems (SCS) was founded in 1947 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1959, it moved to its current location at 1584 Petit Jean Mountain Road near Morrilton, Arkansas. SCS is nestled in one of the most gorgeous places on this earth; it literally sits atop a 1,200 foot mountain twenty miles south of Interstate 40 and Morrilton. Truckers love it when they get to navigate their rigs around the narrow hair pin curves that lead up Petit Jean Mountain to the plant.
All production begins in the router room where our MultiCam CNC Router cuts the majority of the material that we use. In this area of the factory, we also do most of the edge banding and pocket boring. Next the cut pieces move to the carpentry shop where we house all of our sanding equipment and more traditional cabinet making tools and machines. Once assembled the pieces that need to be painted or stained progress to our paint room where we have multiple paint booths set up to apply various finishes. The last step on in our process is to put everything together in final assembly.

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