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National Source AV Inc. was founded to provide improved services to AV dealers and integrators in Canada in 2012. Andy and Wade at IAVI Canada were searching for an opportunity to supply optimal quality AV solutions to resellers across the country. Since they failed to discover any products that met all the requirements, they started a new type of business centered on value-added services rather than on “box selling.”

Our highly experienced professionals at National Source AV offer comprehensive consultation services concerning all aspects of the latest AV solutions. Our innovative company is well connected with nationwide expert AV product installers and integrators in Canada for the convenience of our customers.

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Wholesale digital signage technologies solutions supplied by National Source AV Inc. provide components compatible with any size of digital signage setup. These components include hardware, software, connectivity and content. Industries that benefit greatly from digital sign installations today include retail, fast service restaurant, corporate communications, education, government, healthcare, outdoor and hospitality.

Advanced digital signage solutions currently available from National Source AV include the following technologies and products:

• Kanto FM100 Pull down mount. The FM100 Pull-Down TV Mount supports easy vertical positioning of your TV. It is designed for installation over a fireplace or mantel, and its adjustable gas-shock arm extends downward 29 inches to provide eye-level viewing at seated level. For decreasing screen glare and enhancing your line-of-sight, just swivel your TV up to 60 degrees and tilt it 15 degrees. This model’s double-stud wall plate securely supports screens of 65 inches that weigh from 11 to 62 pounds, and it can be mounted on wood stud, brick or concrete walls.

• Onelan for content management. With use of this component, you can manage and control all of your digital signage from one location. ONELAN CMS is offered in the form of a Physical Appliance (PA), a Virtual Machine(VM) or as a cloud-based service for onsite installation or in the cloud. Each different version provides the identical versatile software. While the CMS Lite appliance is recommended for as many as 25 players, the PA accommodates up to 250. It is possible to scale the VM for up to 10,000 players.

• Onelan HD-10 fan-less digital signage player. This product is the company’s top selling component from Onelan, and it offers such benefits as supporting resolutions of 1920 x 1080 p60 H.265 video. It also has a slender profile for back of screen mounts and offers HD stream-in, dual band WiFi and touch options. This product also has an Intel Celeron processor and supports video, HTML5, images, text and audio. It also features Standalone and Subscriber capability.

• Philips D-Line of professional signage displays. This top caliber type of signage displays enables you to enjoy complete commercial 24/7 operation. This product offers integrated WiFi and SOC structured for running Android apps. It is truly the next generation in expert signage solutions. With the Android operating system, you can load signage apps from a wide variety of Philips’ software partners. This aids you in delivering the specific solution desired to your clients.

• Philips Signage video wall panel, thin bezel 49″ and 55″. With CMND & Control, you can operate your display system over a local (LAN) connection. You can also perform essential functions such as regulating inputs and monitoring display status on one screen or 100 screens. With use of the OPS slot, you can integrate a full-power PC or Android-powered CRD50 module into your Philips Professional Display. CMND enables you to control, update, maintain and play using one simple interface. With CMND & Create, you can also develop and launch your own content using pre-loaded templates and integrated widgets as desired.

• Philips 50Q Series. This Philips Prosumer series offers 18/7 Operation Landscape and 12/7 Operation Portrait UHD. It offers upgraded UHD resolution, the Android operating system and a doubled built-in memory capacity. You can easily display local or online content to capture the attention of your clients or audience.

• SunBrite, how to choose the right model. Make your own comparison of indoor televisions to SunBrite TV outside televisions’ unique features and specifications.

Current Digital Sign Services and More

Excellent Outdoor Digital Signage Is Available

While one-on-one teaching is ideal, it’s oftentimes impossible for teachers to spend much one-on-one time with each student when they have a classroom of twenty or more students in their rooms. This doesn’t mean that students can’t still get a personalized experience, though. With the appropriate technology system, teachers can simulate the one-on-one experience with students by walking them through a lesson all together on a large screen and/or beaming the live presentation to each students laptop and/or personal device so all can see at once. It’s a much more efficient way to connect with students simultaneously while still giving students a direct approach to seeing each step of a mathematics problem, for instance, worked out before their eyes. Audio and visual systems speed up the teaching process and allow for any questions to be shared among the entire class and answered at once. There are tons of interactive resources that teachers can use in their classrooms too when they’re set up with a reliable audio and visual system. Such interactive learning tools can better grab this generation’s attention and get them more involved in the learning process. 

Nationwide AV product and technology shipments are timely and accurate, and our company also offers split shipments and shipments to multiple end destinations. Five or greater units delivered to any Canadian location will qualify for free shipping. All product and service costs quotes are calculated in Canadian currency. This includes educational and project bidding prices. Our top-rated AV solutions company offers excellent technical support as well as superior customer care.

Contact our experts at National Source AV Inc. in Surrey, BC, today by phone, by email or on the company website at for optimal quality digital signs technologies and solutions as well as AV consultation services and connections with AV installers and integrators in your local area in Canada, the U.S., Latin America and other global locations.

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