Matrox Audiovisual Equipment

National Source AV Inc. Distributes Top-Rated Matrox AV Equipment to CA and Globally

National Source AV Inc. offers superior quality, advanced audiovisual solutions, distributing top-rated products throughout Canada, the U.S., Latin America and many other international locations. This innovative company grew out of IAVICCanada, which was established in 2012 by its founders, Andy and Wade, who were seeking the ideal solution for representing the finest tech to resellers in Canada. Today, National Source AV Inc. focuses on providing all customers with ultimate caliber products, including the latest Matrox audiovisual equipment and with excellent customer service while distributing Matrox AV equipment orders with expert, customer-focused logistics.

Our highly efficient and friendly AV company offers optimal quality Matrox audiovisual products like the 4K/Multi-HD webcasting and remote production encoder products. As today’s leading choice among Matrox produced AV equipment such as video codec models, the H.264 codec has myriad applications as well as universal availability. Interoperability is of major importance today, and this codec model claims top ratings in this category since it is equipped with the capacity to handle countless varied workflows. A Matrox AV encoder model that is a true winner in virtually any situation, including webcasting and remote production (REMI), is the Matrox® Monarch™ EDGE. This product delivers outstanding and powerful encoding strength with wide-ranging aptitude equal to that of the H.264 codec. This superb Matrox produced AV product is excellent for high-speed sports AV and takes the prize for top-quality sound and video.

Matrox Streaming, Recording & Capturing Equipment

For Best Quality AV Capturing Equipment, Consult National Source AV Inc. in Canada

Matrox offers superior streaming equipment devices, such as the H.264 encoder. This stand-alone streaming equipment product is an ideal selection for experienced video producers who prefer to stream without the use of a computer. This device can be connected to HDMI or SDI sources, such as cameras, converters or production switchers. This compact, portable device has the capacity to stream at bitrates up to 25Mb/s. With a single PCIe add-in card, you can stream as many as four cameras simultaneously, which offers the perfect solution among today’s streaming equipment for multi-camera events.

As a compact, all-inclusive recording equipment device, the H.264 recorder from Matrox records superb HDMI or SDI sources at bitrates of up to 30Mb/s as MP4 or MOV files. These recording equipment-created files can record to a USB drive, an SD card or a network-mapped drive and are ready for immediate sharing or editing. You can record up to four cameras at once by using a single PCIe add-in card in H.264, MPEG 2, DV-DVCam or DVCProHD. With SDI connectivity, you can count on signal integrity of up to 300 meters in SD and 100 meters in HD. Files are then ready for immediate editing. Using an excellent scan converter like the Matrox Convert DVI Plus HD-SDI, you can enjoy a very cost-efficient method of producing a broadcast video from YouTube or Skype sessions as well as smartphone or iPad videos with the use of this optimal quality capturing equipment.

Matrox AV Products

Experts at National Source AV in Surrey, BC, Distribute Superior AV Recording Equipment

Leading advanced Matrox produced AV equipment choices currently available include the following:

  • H.264 Encoder
  • Multi-camera capture card
  • H.264 Recorder
  • Multi-camera recording
  • MPEG 2, DV/DVCam, DVCPro, DVCPro50, DVCProHD, etc.
  • Matrox Convert DVI Plus
  • HD-SDI scan converters
  • SDI Input/Output Video Cards
  • H.264 Codec
  • And more

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