Onelan Integrated Media Player Displays

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National Source AV Inc. in Surrey, BC, offers advanced designs in Onelan integrated media player displays for use in a wide range of industries today, including retail, hospitality and corporate offices of many different types as well as educational facilities. Our digital technology consultants and distributors at National Source AV understand and value the comprehensive features and functions provided by these optimal quality technologies from the top-rated Onelan brand.

The Onelan designs in interactive digital signage include the digital signage player as part of the display panel. This sleek, compact product offers a superior point of information application. mThese excellent quality integrated media players are also aligned with the Onelan multi-touch interface for wayfinding purposes or designed as a kiosk. These advanced integrated digital displays combined with integrated media players act as high-functioning commercial-grade tablets for many varied digital signage applications and integrated displays. They each function with a single HTML5 zone player and have WiFi connectivity.

Technology Products For Various Industries

Top-Rated Digital Signage is Available at National Source AV Inc. in Surrey, BC

Onelan is an international leading force in the development and management of advanced grade technologies for digital visual communications. These top-tier applications include integrated media displays, data visualization, meeting room scheduling, digital signage, video wall player displays and wayfinding. Since these Onelan applications and solutions offer a complex range of functionality options, they are suitable for use over many diverse industries. This wide spectrum of applications has enabled Onelan to become the global leader in enterprise-level digital signage.

Industries that can gain significant benefits from the use of Onelan digital visual communication technologies include the following:

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Corporate Communications
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Outdoors
  • Hospitality
  • Leisure

Specific Digital Signage Technology Products

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Digital signage technologies provide very effective methods and techniques for the strong, direct and memorable communication of a specific message. Use of digital signage in varied industries today results in impressive cost savings since this technology eliminates the need for notice boards and printed posters. With use of the comprehensive Onelan platform, any company can structure its unique communications design, from a small retail store’s entryway digital signage ad to a corporate travel company’s video wall display to a massive sports stadium wayfinder.

Digital signage technology products that lead the way in sales volumes today include the following:

  • CMS Player. The Onelan CMS accommodates both beginning and professional users, scaling smoothly from single to thousand player networks. Users can design full-screen or multi-zone layouts in multimedia formats with the use of the easy drag-and-drop layout editor. Including live content like RSS or social media feeds or custom apps maintains the freshness and relevance of signage. It is easy to edit existing content with the built-in web page zoom and crop features.
  • Video Wall Player. With the technologies of high-bandwidth DisplayPort and HDMI, one 4K digital signage display can exhibit a wide variety of video wall solutions. Standard layouts can be produced with the loopthrough function, and a feature video wall can be operated with a 4K NTB and a Datapath video wall signage player controller.

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