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The AV experts at National Source AV Inc. offer quality wholesale distribution of outdoor digital screen displays to customers. Over the years, our company has expanded from an average wholesale distribution business to a highly reputable logistics enterprise. We now supply digital billboard displays and other AV products to clients throughout Canada and in the U.S., Latin America and many international locations.

Our highly experienced AV team also connects customers with installers and integrators in their local areas. Our clients are from many diverse areas of industry, including dealer/integrators and end users such as k-12 schools, post secondary school facilities, government offices, hotels, restaurants and other commercial enterprises

Advanced Outdoor Audio Visual Components

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The latest designs in digital billboard displays and other outdoor audio visual components distributed by National Source AV experts today include the following:

• Micron Display Solutions digital signage mounts. Simplistic frame styles from Micron Display Solutions facilitate the installation of digital menu boards quickly and efficiently. This results in precision-aligned panels with a professional appearance. You can order a customized menu board of any size needed. These separate panels can be removed easily for servicing, and there is never a need for other external video mounts.

• OneLan HD-10 fan-less digital signage player. This very popular product supports resolutions of 1920 x 1080 and p60 H.265 video. It has a slender profile for easy mounting from the screen back. Offering HD stream-in, this digital signage player also has dual band WiFi and touch options. It features the Intel Celeron processor and capability for video, HTML5, images, text and audio. This product also offers Standalone and Subscriber options.

• SunBrite -40c Outdoor Panels. The Pro Series direct xun outdoor LED HDTV panels are water-resistant and durable. They are designed to operate safely and efficiently in a variety of natural elements such as rain, snow, excessive heat and cold, dust and salty air. In these types of conditions, a tempered glass protective shield safeguards the LED screen. EST technology protects against any isotropic blackout.

• SunBrite for outdoor spaces. Sunbrite has three models to satisfy every outdoor application: Pro, Signature and Veranda. All of these SunBrite TV models share top-rated features like ultimate screen brightness, weatherproof construction, weather-tight cable connections and a current warranty for outdoor usage. Customers can select from wall and ceiling TV mounts or attractive and sturdy table-top TV stands. You can enhance the audio of your outdoor TV with powerful waterproof speakers. All-weather protective outdoor dust covers are included to safeguard your SunBrite TV and keep it free of dust, dirt and debris.

• SunBrite Outdoor Veranda display 43″. The Veranda Series 4k UHD TV is excellent for use in fully shaded outdoor living spaces such as a screened-in patio or covered deck area. These TVs provide screen direct LED backlight. They offer 30 percent greater screen brightness than indoor TVs for ensuring viewing clarity outside. The sturdy aluminum case shields against harsh weather and temperatures, dust, debris, salt or insects. This advanced TV design also offers a user-friendly, cable-entry system. The Veranda TV Series offers built-in speakers and a special media bay for use of streaming devices like RoKu and Apple TV.

• SunBrite Rain Resistant Panels. This SunBrite TV is designed for use in outdoor areas and will not be harmed if placed in direct rain on patios, decks or balconies. SunBrite TVs are as much as three times brighter than indoor TVs for better outdoor viewing. The commercial-grade 4k UHD high-brightness screen with direct LED backlight and non-glare technology offers the optimal bright picture and detail plus 4 times the resolution of Full HD.

• SunBrite TV SB-4217HD. This 42-inch Pro Series Direct Sun Outdoor LED HDTV / Outdoor display is water-resistant and sturdy. It is manufactured for full functionality in many different climatic conditions, including rain and snow storms, temperature extremes, dusty or salty air and more. The LED screen is protected by tempered glass, and EST technology safeguards against isotropic blackout.

• SunBrite, how to choose the right model. With this aid, customers can learn more about the differences between indoor and outdoor TV models. They can also make comparisons between indoor TVs and SunBriteTV outdoor televisions’ advanced features, qualities and specifications.

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National Source AV now provides split product shipments and shipments to multiple end destinations. We also assist with AV design and specifications and distribute all cables and hardware for the majority of AV systems. Our specialists can also build kits that are palletized for each specific installation. Orders of five or greater product units shipped to any Canadian location are eligible for free shipping. All customer costs are quoted in Canadian currency, including educational and project bidding prices. Brokerage, freight and duty fees along with hedged FX rates are included in our costs.

We make it a priority to provide excellent consulting services, customer care and technical support you can rely on. Contact our AV experts for outdoor LED sign designs and other AV solutions today!

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