eBeam Edge + Complete, by Luidia


This package combines whiteboard capture and interactivity(smart)

eBeam Edge+ brings interactivity to any surface, quickly transforming your classroom or meeting room into a dynamic and fully interactive environment. Stream anything you write or draw on your whiteboard or surface with regular dry-erase markers. Use the Display Bracket to make just about any LED or LCD screen interactive. Colleagues can focus, participate and collaborate. The Marker Pack includes a large eraser, four marker sleeves, and a multi-charge cradle that charges the 4 sleeves and sensor at the same time.

Desktop and Mobile Device Usage:

If you are using the Marker Pack with the eBeam Edge+ sensor, you need a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer or laptop to be connected. Mobile users can view the content in real-time using the Equil Note application (meeting connect feature) to connect to an eBeam Scrapbook hosted meeting from a desktop computer. Note that mobile devices cannot connect to the Edge+ directly. eBeam Scrapbook is included in the eBeam Interactive Suite download. If you are looking for a solution where you can capture whiteboard notes straight to your iOS or Android device – the best fit for you is the eBeam Smartmarker.

For more information and software downloads visit the eBeam website: www.e-beam.com

PN: M330AP0000001