Matrox Mura IPX Decode and Display Series (fanless)

Matrox Mura™ IPX 4K IP decode and display PCI Express® cards offer a platform for OEMs and system builders to create high-quality, high-density IP-based multiviewers and personal video walls. With four DisplayPort™ outputs capable of powering four 4K displays, the Mura IPX decode and display card is effectively capable of running a multitude of streams on a 8K wall; ideal for control rooms, security situations, digital signage, stream review, and other applications requiring high-density decode and display.


Matrox Mura IPX Decode and Display Series

Industry-leading multiviewer control

Matrox Mura IPX decode and display cards empower integrators to create IP-based 4K multiviewers and personal video walls.

Optimized for performance, Mura IPX provides options to allow greater flexibility in integration while also offering enhanced thermal reliability. Through the integration of low-footprint Mura IPX decode and display cards, video wall controllers, multiviewers, and personal video walls can be built to the scale required for specific projects.

With this broad feature set, Mura IPX decode and display cards can be used in control rooms, process monitoring, and security applications that require high-density decode and precise stream control.

Multi-source DisplayPort outputs for video display

Benefit from IP decoding and the flexibility of four DisplayPort outputs on a single-slot PCI Express card for simplified integration and cost savings. Allowing for 4K video display in 32-bit color on up to four 4K displays means the Mura IPX decode & display card can create stunning video walls running at an effective 8K resolution.

High-density H.264 decoding

Mura IPX has been engineered to offer world-class, high-density H.264 decoding capabilities for use in virtually any decode application. Specifically, Mura IPX aims at the primary applications of high-density H.264 codec processes including:

Resolution and number of streams decoding for numerous multiviewer applications, ranging from the decode and display of a high number of IP sources from two 4Kp60, four 4Kp30, eight 1080p60, sixteen 1080p30, or a multitude of SD channels.

Quality decoding through the support of desktop-grade, high-frequency content. Not requiring color space compression, Mura IPX allows for perfect desktop sharing and recording applications on content as detailed as only one pixel thick.

Display customization

ntuitive Matrox MuraControl™ software allows the management of Mura IPX display-powered multiviewers from a console system or remotely using the MuraControl for Windows® software or MuraControl for iPad® app. The Matrox Network API allows for command-level control that can be used through Telnet, RS-232, and HTTP/HTTPS.

Added functionality specifically for multiviewer applications has been integrated into the cards, with text overlay to indicate window titles, stream sources, locations, or zones, and onscreen clock providing a temporal reference for accurate stream monitoring both available through MuraControl for Windows and the Network API.

Compliant with color depth & pixel transfer formats

Offering the user the flexibility to control the level of color detail required, Mura IPX allows RGB 8:8:8 & RGB 10:10:10, as well as 8-bit and 10-bit per component YUV color. This means Mura IPX can deliver deep 32-bit color, as well as 24-bit true color based on your needs.

Depending on the network capabilities, color may be subsampled to save bandwidth. Allowing full 4:4:4 color to preserve full-color depth, Mura IPX also supports 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 decoding on a wide range of streams.

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Dimensions 22.91 × 11.13 cm

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