Meeting Owl – 360 degree video conference camera / speakerphone

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Meeting Owl – 360 degree video conference camera / speakerphone MTW100-1000-Black

Spec sheet Owl Spec sheet

Everyone deserves to feel like they’re in the room (even if they’re not)!
We love video conferencing (it’s in our name), and have seen the positive impact it has had on our customers. Today’s video conferencing products are heads-and-shoulders above what we had even a few years ago. No longer is “expense” an excuse not to include it into any business. The two reasons most people don’t buy, is either Cost or Complexity. The Meeting Owl shatters both of the reasons.

It may have a funny name, but the Meeting Owl from Owl Labs is an advanced video conferencing all-in-one solution. What makes the Meeting Owl different is the remote attendee experience. No need to ask someone to turn or move the camera. The view shifts for you so the remote person always has a close up of the conversation. Departments who benefit from the Meeting Owl most are collaborative teams: engineering, product, marketing and design. These groups value work flexibility and need to collaborate frequently to do their jobs well – no matter where they’re located.

Meeting Owl 360 Degree Video Conferencing Camera

The MeetingOwl is an exciting product, and we believe it will revolutionize (and help re-envision) video conferencing rooms.

Specifications for the MeetingOwl
360° camera view with 720p capture resolution
Custom-designed single-lens solution
Full panoramic view of the room
High dynamic-range lens prevents silhouetting and provides superior low-light performance
360° wideband audio with 12-foot (3.6 m) radius range
Acoustic echo cancellation
48 kHz sampling rate
360° sound capture (8-microphone array)
360° speaker
Micro USB
Software updates provided via WiFi
Power: Input jack for power supply
Included in the Box
MeetingOwl All-in-Solution
6.5′ Micro USB Cable
Power Supply
Quick Start Guid