VDO360 NavAI Auto-framing USB Camera, 2-Mic Array (VDONAVAI)



Designed for teaching and training environments, the NavAI is a 4K USB camera that quickly auto-frames the presenter so smoothly you would think it was using auto-tracking technology. The major difference is there are no moving parts! This greatly reduces cost, increases reliability, and provides a true plug-n-play experience out of the box.  It has a 120º FOV with dual internal microphones accurate up to 4 meters and tri-pod screw base for installation flexibility.


The VDO360 Natural Vision™ auto-framing closely resembles the experience you would enjoy as if you were meeting in person. This helps to reduce video conferencing fatigue and keeps the remote meeting participants engaged. The NavAI provides amazing clarity and color, while using advanced programming and heuristic algorithms to constantly scan the user area.  Once a change in participant position is detected, the NavAI will automatically adjust the video framing being delivered.

In single user operation, it will maintain optimum framing for that one person. If multiple participants are in the field of view, the camera will instantly auto frame all the participants into the video output field of view.

The auto-framing works smoothly and reacts so quickly that it can be used as an auto-tracking solution for a fraction of the cost. In addition, the product is housed in a 1.75” milled aluminum cube, making it nearly indestructible in addition to being the smallest AI-based auto framing camera in the industry.

List Price: $499 

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Warranty: 2 year – National Source Av Inc.
*Optional 3 year warranty for just $90.00- National Source Av Inc. Source Av Inc.
Use with Zoom, Webex, HouseParty, Skype, GoToMeeting, Barco ClickShare and more