Project saved with commercial digital signage mounts

Project saved with commercial digital signage mounts

An AV integrator contacted us regarding a 1×3, and 1×4 digital signage installation said he was in need digital signage mounts ASAP. The mounts that had been initially used did not offer enough adjustment to account for variations due to imperfections related to the wall.

We sold two custom systems by Micron Display Solutions for less than CAD $1500 MSRP, air-shipped these directly to site, and the entire process including installation by the integrator took less than one week.

Micron is our mount of choice for the following reasons:

  • Canadian company.
  • Use your choice of any brand/model of panel or LED.
  • Rail systems ensure fast installation and less labour cost for end users.
  • Custom mounts provided in short time.
  • Low cost, when compared to Chief, Peerless, and others.

Above mounts include all of these:

-Panel VESA Monitor Bracket
-Wall Mount  Bracket
-Monitor Security Lock
-Kick Stand – Device Used to Tilt Panels For Servicing
-SHIM KIT Shim Kit


This video from our friends at LightVu shows how quick and easy it is to install a Micron Display Solutions mount: .

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