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Our expert AV distributors ship a wide selection of sophisticated audio visual products throughout Canada and to international customers. We offer the latest designs and technologies in video wall displays.  Our AV experts and consultants also provide global services to clients and connect them with excellent equipment installers and integrators in their specific locales. Our company was founded to provide enhanced products to dealers and integrators along with upgraded customer care and technical services.

Complete Audio Video Solutions from National Source AV Professionals

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Our innovative company offers complete AV solutions with all components included in a single quote. Our latest product models and features for AV wall equipment and installations include the following:

• Matrox® QuadHead2Go™ Multi-Monitor Controller Appliance. This powerful component offers the capability of driving four separate displays from a single signal. It ensures complete AV wall scalability and flexibility. This advanced device is structured to power any AV wall configuration from any video source, and it is system-independent. It consistently delivers excellent image quality for large-scale video displays. The operating buttons and factory-set configurations guarantee hassle-free, superior installation and use.

• Matrox® QuadHead2Go™ Multi-Monitor Controller Card. This multi-monitor controller card ensures full AV wall scalability and adjusting. Single-slot QuadHead2Go PCIe® cards are designed for powering video displays of any dimension and configuration from any video source. These cards support dependable and flawless image quality viewing for large format wall displays.

• Micron Display Solutions digital signage mounts. Simplified frame designs from Micron Display Solutions enable fast and efficient installation of digital menu boards. This excellent installation process results in a series of menu panels with a highly professional, precision-aligned appearance. Menu boards can be custom-ordered to meet your specific size preferences and needs. Panels can be removed easily for any adjustments or servicing if needed, and external video mounts are not necessary.

• Micron Display Solutions LED AV walls. Custom-built pull out mounts are provided for every direct-view LED system. This ensures an easily serviceable installation. In addition, seams between LED panels will be as tightly aligned as possible.

• Tricolor 1:4 AV wall controller. Tricolor has introduced this new, creative SmartKake multi-display processor for digital signage applications. One SmartKake will support one 4K signal capturing 4 Full HD outputs. It will also support multiple cascades to satisfy larger display requirements.

• Tricolor Apollo Pro AV wall controller. The Apollo Pro is the latest updated AV wall processor with multi-functionality from Tricolor. With the use of this display wall controller, you can add an unlimited number of inputs and also output onto any number of displays. You can also create windows, overlap images and control all functions from one Windows computer.

• Philips D-Line of professional signage displays. With the use of this product, you can advance to full commercial 24/7 operation. With integrated WiFi and SOC design for the operation of Android apps, this line of signage displays provides the capacity to load signage apps from a wide variety of Philips’ software partners.

• Whiteboard software. Our recommendation is to pair Avocor and Microsoft’s recent annotation software, Microsoft Whiteboard. This free-form digital canvas allows collaboration involving people, ideas and content. This comprehensive software includes smart ink technology like Ink to Shape and Ink to Table for perfecting your flowcharts and graphics.

• SunBrite, how to choose the right model. SunBrite assists you with comparing indoor TVs to SunBriteTV outdoor television models, features and advantages.

Extra Client Services and Amenities from National Source AV Experts

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Additional client services and amenities provided by the experts at National Source AV include top-rated shipping services to domestic and global locations. Clients who order five or more units to be shipped to any location within Canada qualify for free shipping. We also offer split shipments as well as shipments to multiple end destinations. All freight, brokerage and duty fees, as well as hedged FX rates, are included in our costs. All client costs are quoted in Canadian currency. These costs may include project bidding prices and educational fees. Our clients are from many diverse industries today, such as retail, hospitality, restaurant, healthcare, government and travel.

For complete audio video solutions, contact the AV experts at National Source AV Inc.  You can contact our experts by phone, by email to learn more about the latest AV products and our connections to AV installers and integrators in your local area.

While visiting our website, take time to browse through our products and inquire about any other AV products or services that you may have in mind.


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