Chuck’s Roadhouse Bar and Grill approached a customer of ours with a request for a 3×3 video wall (9 panels). The topic about “budget” came up and we were able to supply and meet all expectations with:

Philips Displays P-Series
Micron Display Solutions mounts
and a Tricolor Apollo Pro video wall controller

  • Project details:
    video wall design includes eight inputs and 16 total outputs- nine for the video wall and the additional outputs can be for displays used throughout the restaurant showing any of the eight inputs from the Tricolor Apollo Pro. Tricolor Apollo Pro is a video wall controller solution that is entirely hardware based, no firmware, software, or operating system is required…ensuring that a video wall remains stable and does not crash.
  • Micron Display Solutions is based in Ontario and produce a range of mounts including specialty mounts for digital signage and video wall projects. One key benefit to note: cost of Micron mounts are less than the two major competitors sold throughout North America.

National Source Av Inc. is a commercial wholesale distributor providing, turn-key systems in the following categories:

  • Digital Signage solutions
  • Video wallsBoardroom/classroom AV systems
  • Videoconferencing kits
  • Large format interactive touch kits
  • Outdoor Displays

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